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Veteran Resources

For Veteran Resources in Education, Turn to The Learn Foundation

Every year, approximately 210,000 active-duty service members disperse from the military to become American veterans. As they transition to civilian life, many are left wondering, “What’s next?” This is where veteran resources and veteran benefits come in handy.


There is evidence that veteran resources and education benefits have a positive impact on veterans' transitions to civilian life and educational attainment. The VA's National Survey of Veterans (NSV), which is conducted every two years, includes a comprehensive set of questions on veterans' education experiences and outcomes. The most recent NSV was fielded in 2014 and included a special module on veteran education benefits.


The results of the NSV indicate that nearly half (48 percent) of all veterans have used their veteran benefits, with the vast majority (93 percent) using them for college or technical training. Among those who have used their benefits, three-quarters (76 percent) said that they would not have been able to attend school without them. In addition, nearly all (96 percent) of those who used their benefits said that they would recommend them to others.


The NSV data also suggest that veterans who use their veteran benefits are more likely to have positive outcomes in terms of employment and earnings. For example, veterans who used their benefits were more likely to be employed full-time (78 percent versus 72 percent of those who did not use their benefits) and to have higher incomes ($41,000 median versus $36,000). They were also more likely than non-users to say that their education had helped them get a job or allowed them to advance in their career.


The findings from the NSV suggest that veteran resources and benefits play a critical role in supporting veterans as they transition to civilian life. These benefits not only help veterans access and afford post-secondary education, but also appear to lead to better employment outcomes. 


For veteran resources in education, contact the LEARN Foundation. Our central mission here at the LEARN Foundation is to provide innovative and structured community outreach programs and activities to enhance individuals and families.


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