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About TRIO Programs

TRIO programs are three federally-funded educational opportunity outreach and student services programs that help low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities enter and succeed in college. TRIO includes six outreach and support programs targeted to serve and assist low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities: Upward Bound, Talent Search, Student Support Services, GEAR UP, TRIO Dissemination Partnership, and TRIO Training. 


The TRIO programmatic elements of academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and cultural enrichment encourage participants to graduate from high school and continue on to complete their postsecondary education goals. TRIO also offers a wide range of training opportunities for staff working in TRIO programs. TRIO programs are funded through the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Federal TRIO Programs.


TRIO began in 1965 with three programs: Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support Services. TRIO now includes six programs and serves 840,000 students each year. TRIO has a long history of successfully helping low-income, first-generation, and disabled students enter college and go on to earn degrees. TRIO programs make a significant difference in the lives of their participants; 84% of TRIO Upward Bound graduates enroll in college immediately after high school compared to 50% of low-income students who do not participate in TRIO. Additionally, TRIO alumni have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and members of Congress. 


TRIO programs are making a real difference in the lives of their participants and in the communities they serve. 


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If you would like to learn more about TRIO programs, contact the L.E.A.R.N. Foundation. The L.E.A.R.N. Foundation was created from the idea that people deserve to have access to the tools they need for success. Our central mission here at the L.E.A.R.N. Foundation is to provide innovative and structured community outreach programs and activities to enhance individuals and families.

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