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Program Details

Our primary goal is for the community to have access to strong community support systems that will help prepare them to attain an excellent education. We work to help others successfully transition to college/tech college/military and a career with this initiative led by veterans. Through this initiative we are breaking down “silos” so that solutions are implemented effectively and efficiently ensuring school readiness, high school graduation, and access to a community-based continuum of high-quality services.


All services are provided at no charge for program participants.
Success Coach for Post Secondary Education

Veterans will successfully lead and coach students to a 4.0 GPA, receive scholarships, money opportunities, and more.

Student Success Coach for Middle/High School

Veterans will coach student's through traditional, honors, AP, and dual enrollment courses with 4.0 GPA outcomes.

Square Foot Garden Box Program

Veterans will teach how to plant, grow, and maintain a garden that feeds the community's youth.

Community Events

Veterans will network within the community while also sharing new innovative ways the whole family can grow and thrive in the realm of academia and in life.

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Educational Seminars

Veterans will teach how to succeed in education and in life after learning from influential national scholars and from their first-hand experience.

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